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Track Your Water Progress Frosted Bottle

Track Your Water Progress Frosted Bottle

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Track your water consumption in a fun, upbeat bottle that cheers you on!

Precautions for the use of plastic water cups:
1. Do not heat this product in a microwave oven.
2. After filling the carbonated drink, if the cup is shaken vigorously, the gas will easily expand. When opening the lid, pay attention to the overflow of the drink in the cup.
3. In order to maintain the taste of tea, it is recommended to use 65 ℃ boiling water. If you need to make tea with boiling water of 100℃, please let it stand for 10 minutes before closing the lid. .
4. When holding hot water, the temperature of the cup body may be high, please handle it with care.
5. When carrying it outdoors, be sure to fasten the safety buckles of the upper and lower covers to avoid liquid leakage.
6. Please be careful and slow when opening and closing the safety buckle, so as to avoid unnecessary product damage caused by excessive force.
7. Do not touch or get close to the fire source to avoid melting and deformation.
8. Do not scrub with a brush or hard objects, use a soft sponge or cloth to clean, so as not to cause scratches; use detergent and water to clean.

Packing list:

Plastic Cup*1+Straw*1

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